Tough Dames in Satin Slips: Films from Pre-Code Hollywood - Ladies They Talk About

  • When: Fri, 06/27/2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
    Cost: Free
    Category: Arts and Performances

    It’s back! The series you’ve breathlessly anticipated the return of! New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot and film critic Nell Minow deliver Series Two beginning June 27. Each program is sure to be SRO, so reserve your seat early.

    For several years in the early 30s, producers, directors and screenwriters routinely flouted the moral guidelines known as the Hays Code. It wasn’t until July, 1934, when they were threatened with a nationwide boycott of the movies organized by the Catholic Church and its Legion of Decency, that the studios agreed to a stricter enforcement regime that would ensure they followed the rules. The movies that emerged from Hollywood in those first, “pre-code”years of the 1930s are often racier, more cynical, darker and franker than movies would be for many years afterward. In a film and discussion series that will explore the history of sex and violence in the movies, censorship and the ratings system, movie critic Nell Minow and journalist Margaret Talbot present four gems of pre-code cinema.

    Ladies They Talk About (1933)- An “Orange is the New Black” of the Depression years. Barbara Stanwyck is delightfully tough and mouthy as Nan Taylor, a bank robber’s accomplice who’s the “new fish” in the women’s wing at San Quentin. Her behind-bars sisterhood includes women of various races, classes, sexual orientations and criminal proclivities, portrayed with gusto by an excellent array of character actresses. Who cares if Nan’s romance with a crusading district attorney (Preston Foster) strains credulity?

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